Practitioner: Carolyn Lorente, Ph.D.

I have had years of experience helping people overcome challenges brought on by the stresses of modern life in careers, relationships, sexuality, parenting, childhood, adolescence, health, goal setting and achievement, and life changes in general.

My expertise is in identity issues, conflict resolution, anger management, addiction and recovery support, relationship building, positive communication, living successfully with ADHD, coping with disease or dysfunction and, in general, optimizing life.

I specialize in helping people through life’s expected and unexpected transitions, such as:

  • Children
    • School entry
    • Coping with the divorce of parents
    • Death of a parent
    • Anger management/Conflict Resolution
    • Thriving with ADHD
  • Adolescents
    • New school transitions
    • Social exclusion
    • Anger management/Conflict Resolution
    • Making life choices
  • Emerging Adults
    • Making life choices
    • Building Positive Relationships
    • Career Building
  • Adults
    • Parenting: Motherhood/Fatherhood
    • Career Building
    • Divorce
  • Older Adults
    • Optimizing life in the later years
    • Second life strategies upon retirement
    • Grief
    • Coping with illness and/or dysfunction

For more information, please contact Carolyn Lorente, Ph.D.